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FiltoMatic Self-Cleaning Pond Filters

The intelligent OASE Filtomatic CWS is a self-cleaning filter and UV clarifier. Designed with state of the art technology to remove organic waste, phosphates, nutrients and toxins to achieve clear and healthy pond water. The temperature controlled UVC achieves power savings up to 40%. Filtomatic CWS come as Filter/UVC only or as a Set c/w OASE Aquamax Eco Premium Pump. Scroll down the page to view our Filtomatic comparison chart.

Choosing the correct FiltoMatic CWS for your pond.

Filtomatic CWS Selection Chart

FiltoMatic Replacement Foams & UV Bulbs

Filter ModelFoam SetReplacement Ultraviolet Bulb
FiltoMatic CWS 3000 (obsolete)  Complete Foam Set11w UV Bulb
FiltoMatic CWS 6000 (obsolete)Complete Foam Set18w UV Bulb
FiltoMatic CWS 7000Complete Foam Set11w UV Bulb
FiltoMatic CWS 12000 (obsolete)Complete Foam Set24w UV Bulb
FiltoMatic CWS 14000Complete Foam Set24w UV Bulb
FiltoMatic CWS 25000Complete Foam Set24w UV Bulb

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