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  • ProfiClear Premium Compact-L EGC - Pump Fed

  • OASE Germany have produced the very latest generation of ProfiClear Drum Filter technology, ideal for substantial Koi ponds and swimming ponds.  The ProfiClear Compact has been redeveloped to offer a larger model capable of handling ponds up to 120,000 Litres (26,660 Gallons) capacity. 

    The ProfiClear Premium Compact-L is a fully automated filtration system featuring a rotating debris sieve drum which is capable of trapping particles down to 60 microns in size (around half the thickness of a human hair). This level of filtration ensures absolutely crystal clear water clarity. The filter unit also features a large biological filtration space powered by an aerator (not supplied) which ensures full productivity of the filter bacteria using OASE's patented Hel-X 13 media, an impressive biological surface area of up to 48.4m2 can be achieved. 

    The ProfiClear Premium Compact-L can be fully integrated with the OASE Bitron 72C - 110C & Bitron 120W - 240W UV Clarifiers which mount directly to the inlet side of the filter. The UVC will eliminate algae and pass it through in a flocculated state for entrapment inside the debris sieves. The Debris sieves are automatically cleaned via jet nozzles positioned above the drum, and detritus is automatically washed away into a drain or soakaway positioned nearby. 

    The robust GRP Duroplast housing ensures full stability of the unit and prevents against breakages from light impact and scuffs.

    • Suitable for Ornamental and wildlife ponds (no fish stock) up to 120,000 Litres
    • Suitable for Goldfish and small species stocked ponds up to 60,000 Litres
    • Suitable for Koi Carp stocked ponds up to 30,000 Litres


  • Quantity:

    £3,499.99 inc. VAT

    £2,916.66 exc. VAT

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