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  • ProfiClear Compact-M EGC - Gravity Fed

  • Based on the innovative gravity fed OASE Proficlear Premium Drum Filter and Moving Bed Module technology, the Proficlear Premium Compact Filter System features a scaled down automatic drum filter for mechanical extraction of pond debris down to 80 microns and an integrated moving bed filter media segment for biological breakdown of soluble waste after the drum.  

    The ProfiClear Premium Compact-M gravity-fed filter should be coupled with the Proficlear Premium Compact Pump Chamber  to house the required pumps and UV Clarifiers, enabling the water to be pulled through the system via pond mounted DN100 Bottom Drains and/or Gravity Skimmers.  The chambers can then be mounted at water level offering a discreet filtration system for Koi ponds of up to 22,000 Litres (4880 Gallons), Fish stocked ponds up to 44,000 Litres (9,770 Gallons) and ornamental ponds of up to 88,000 Litres (19,550 Gallons).

    Fish waste and pond debris will be captured in the drum segment and the innovative controller and sensor will detect when the drum requires cleaning.  Once the sensor/controller deems the drum sieves to be dirty, the drum will rotate and activate high pressure water jets which eject the debris onto a collection hopper, which is then dispensed as a slurry out of the Drum Filter waste outlet pipe.

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Technical Info

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PondPads and Hel-X Media Maximum Quantities

 Only PondPadsMixture (Hel-X + PondPads)
 Max AmountMax Amount (Hel-X)Max Amount (PondPads)
ProfiClear Premium FiltersLiterLiterLiter
Compact M Pump Fed / Compact M Gravity Fed30400
Compact L Pump Fed / Compact L Gravity Fed706020
Moving Bed L505025
Moving Bed XL10010050


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ProfiClear Compact-M EGC - Gravity Fed

  • £2,769.99 inc. VAT


    £2,308.33 exc. VAT

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