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LunAqua LED Lights

LunAqua LED Lights


Oase LED submersible lighting systems for all applications, from small ponds and water features to larger ponds, lakes, water features and commercial fountain projects. All Oase underwater lights are angle adjustable and all are supplied with mounting options. LunAqua 3 halogen and LED and Classic spotlights are ideal for garden, pond and feature illumination. Lunaqua Maxi spotlights are perfect for focused spotlighting of garden or underwater features. Lunaqua 10, Power LED XL and Profilux lights are well suited to larger ponds, lakes and water features or commercial fountains where more intense lighting is required.


The last decade has shown huge advancements in LED lighting technology, virtually eliminating the need for halogen which is very inefficient due to the energy input being mostly wasted in the production of heat.  OASE’s LED spotlight technology produces very little heat so the wattage consumed to produce a similar light output to halogen is massively reduced.  For example, the A++ energy rated Lunaqua Power LED Spotlight produces a similar lighting output to a 50w halogen bulb, yet consumes only 5.8 watts per spotlight.

Traditionally when selecting garden or pond lighting, the wattage consumed was the indicator as to how powerful the lighting effect would be.  However, the Lumen output (Luminous Flux) is a far better indicator with LED lighting equipment.  So for example, illuminating small garden features or shrubs may suit the Lunaqua Mini or Lunaqua Classic lights with Lumen output of around 70-110 lumens.    Garden fountains, fish ponds and taller bushes can be well illuminated by the Lunaqua 3 LED at around 220 lumens.  Large waterfalls, ponds and tall water jets step to the Lunaqua Power LED lights at 580 Lumens and finally the Power LED XL spotlights for tree up-lighting and large water displays, with a considerable 1250-1350 luminous intensity at only 15 watts consumption.

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