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Dancing Water Features

Dancing Water Features are dynamic pre-programmed water displays, ideal for use in ponds, garden landscaping, patios or even indoors. These features are simple to install and many OASE dancing water features include integral LED lighting and can be controlled via the supplied remote control handset. The OASE Rainbow Star will produce a jumping laminar water jet which can be synchronised with a second jet. Laminar water jets produce virtually no splashing as they leap through the air so the water arches can be walked under. OASE also offer smaller laminar jets in the form of the Water Jet Lighting Set which are twin illuminated water arches which produce two continuous arcs of water and are supplied as a kit including pump and controller.

We also offer vertical dancing water displays in the guise of the OASE Water Trio and Water Quintet.  The Water Trio Set consists of 3 pumps and 3 white LED lights mounted in a housing and the vertical jets can be set on dancing modes using the pre-programmed controller and remote handset.  The Water Quintet has the same functionality as the Trio but with a total of 5 jets.  For larger vertical dancing jets, the Aquarius Eco Expert pumps can be connected to the OASE EGC Controller which will allow the pump to create one of 12 pre-programmed jet displays. The pump can then be connected to one of our wide range of decorative fountain nozzles to create impressive, high impact fountain displays in larger ponds and outdoor areas.